Club Italvinus

What is Club Italvinus?

Club Italvinus is a wine club that offers wines selected by our advisory team every month.

Advantages of Club Italvinus membership

  • A selection of wines each month (see previous selections)
    with 6 bottles of assorted wines.
  • Discount of 12-14%
    A minimum discount of 12% on the normal retail price.
  • Free enrolment
    No enrolment fee or monthly subscriptions.
  • No compulsion to buy
    2 weeks for deciding whether you wish to receive the selection or not.
  • Welcome gift
    4 Schott Zwiesel wine glasses FREE with the first consignment

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How it works

  • The club makes a monthly selection (eleven times a year, except August) according to the criteria described below.
  • The first week of each month we send all our members an e-mail with full details of the selected wine.
  • Members then have two weeks to decide if they are interested in the selection.
  • If you are not interested, just let us know by telephone, fax, post or e-mail, and the shipment will be cancelled with no cost to you.
  • If we do not hear from you, the club will assume that you want to receive it.
  • Shipments consist of 6 bottles of the same wine together with complete details on the wine and the wine cellar so you will be fully informed about the wine we have selected.
  • Club membership is free and there are no fees of any kind. You pay only for the selections you purchase.

Wine selection criteria

  • Prices between 6 and 15 euros, with an excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Wines representative of the regions they come from.
  • Rigorous wine-making methods in the wineries.
  • We cover the world's most acclaimed wine-making areas, with Italian regions predominating.
  • We include all types of wine, especially bottle-aged reds.

Have fun and learn while you create a memorable wine collection!

The wines we choose are a sampling of the various types of wine made in different regions around the world.

They are little known to the general public and would be risky to buy if they were not guaranteed by a sommelier.

We naturally give preference to Italian wines and regions, but we try to include enough variety in our selections so that club members can build up a balanced, diverse wine collection.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses

Welcome gift for Club members

Number of glasses: 4
Model: Bordeaux Cru Classic

Schott Zwiesel is a company specializing exclusively in wine glasses.

The factory is located in the city of Zwiesel, in Bavaria, Germany.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are commonly used by the world's most prestigious sommeliers and restaurants.

Schott Zwiesel Bordeaux Cru Classic