May 2015 Selection

Barraco, wine the artisanal way

May 2015 Selection

Barraco Grillo 2013 (2 bottles)
Barraco Zibibbo 2013 (2 bottles)
Barraco Pignatello 2012 (2 bottles)

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About this selection...

Antonino Barraco carries out his work as a vine grower from an artisanal perspective that aims to reveal the intimate relationship between the vineyard and the land it grows upon. Thus, since 2004, Nino has personally taken part in the whole production process of his wines and produced around 20,000 bottles, which are characterised by the natural product they contain. Counting on no other certification than his own rules and those of Nature, and with enviable integrity, this young producer offers the consumer salubrious single varietal wines, with very marked personality and a strong Mediterranean emphasis.

Barraco's wine is made in a winery whose small size ensures that each bottle can rely upon its producer's supervision and his guarantee, and therefore from the vineyard to wine bottling, every process passes through Antonino's hands. This dedication bestows on each bottle a special worth which goes far beyond its commercial value. Barraco's wines are born from the sort of cherishing and care rarely encountered, and when you uncork one you can't help but feel all the dedication it embodies.

Here's a chance to discover all the personality his wines offer. Approach them as you would anyone you've just met and give them some time so that you slowly detect all the nuances of their personality. Their priority will not be to win you over or please you at any cost, but to show you what they are like, and it will surely be that authenticity which will end up by captivating your palate. Try them and see!

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Barraco Grillo 2013 (2 bottles)

White. Nino Barraco Sicilia, Italy Grillo

Bottle: £12.84 club members / £14.56 non-members

In all likelihood the Grillo variety is not originally from the west of Sicily, but the fact remains that, particularly in the province of Marsala, this old vine has acquired a very remarkable reputation and has become the area's most representative grape.

Nino Barraco's Grillo originates from a vineyard which has special charm, growing on land of red earth covered with a fine layer of golden sand. Harvesting is carried out by hand when the grapes are perfectly ripe and afterwards are some days of maceration and manual crushing, wherein lies the artistry of the process. Fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts and, in contact with its lees, the wine matures for several months and thereby gains complexity, vigour and the capacity to age over the years.

In the glass it offers a pleasant, deep yellow colour with golden glints. On the nose, the highlight is the complexity of its fruit notes (peach, apricot and tropical fruits), and others such as saffron, citrus fruits and almonds. On the palate it is complete, fresh and balanced, with a long finish that evokes again the aromas discerned on the nose. A wine which undoubtedly encounters its maximum expression when accompanying the starters and simple cuisine of Sicilian gastronomy.

  • Alcohol content: 13,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 10ºC and 12ºC

Barraco Grillo 2013
Front and back

Barraco Zibibbo 2013 (2 bottles)

White. Nino Barraco Sicilia, Italy Moscato d'Alessandria

Bottle: £12.81 club members / £20.68 non-members

A profound, interesting and very special wine. The Zibibbo from Nino Barraco, made from Muscat of Alexandria, is a delightful golden colour and originates from vineyards planted on limestone soils, in an area of Marsala lying very close to the sea. Usual for sweet wines produced using this ancient Egyptian variety on the island of Pantelleria, this Trapani version, which is dry, clean and direct, comes as a very agreeable surprise.

The grapes, the land, the sensitivity and craftsmanship of its winemaker are summed up in each bottle of the Barraco Zibibbo: an aromatic grape that reveals most intensely its sweet notes of apricot and date; a special production process, with a short maceration and ageing the wine while in contact with its lees; great minerality, resulting from the large amount of limestone in the soil and closeness to the coast.

In its bouquet it combines varietal notes with aromas typical of the Mediterranean winter (bergamot, grapefruit and lemon), notes of ginger and mint, and hints of tobacco leaves. A structured wine that is fresh, flavoursome, smooth and with a plentiful alcohol content. It's quite an experience to encounter the essence and naturalness of this wine, and when you do, you'll find it very hard to resist.

  • Alcohol content: 12,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 10ºC and 12ºC

Barraco Zibibbo 2013
Front and back

Barraco Pignatello 2012 (2 bottles)

Red. Nino Barraco Sicilia, Italy Perricone

Bottle: £12.81 club members / £14.56 non-members

Pignatello is the red grape variety which reigns supreme in the Trapani vineyards, but nevertheless, despite this dominant presence, it's a rare occurrence to taste a wine in which this grape expresses itself in all its purity. Barraco Pignatello offers one of these rare opportunities. A wine in which, thanks to the producer's sensitivity, the grape's characteristics are expressed in all their splendour. The wine ferments by means of indigenous yeasts and ages for several months in stainless steel, and without any ageing in wood so that the variety's distinctive features are enhanced.

In the glass, it appears a raspberry-red colour with clear and fragrant aromas of strawberries, red currants and cranberries; the sea's influence doesn't take long to reach us with the powerful taste of iodine and after that, other hints of tobacco, liquorice, India ink and Mediterranean maquis. On the palate it lives up to our expectations and we find a fruity, fresh wine that makes its entrance forcefully. It's vibrant, flavoursome and with very well balanced tannins which make it an invigorating wine to enjoy sip by sip.

  • Alcohol content: 13,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Barraco Pignatello 2012
Front and back

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