January 2016 Selection

Simply pleasure

January 2016 Selection

Terre di San Leonardo 2012 (2 bottles)
Di Majo Norante Ramitello 2011 (2 bottles)
Giuseppe Cortese Nebbiolo 2013 (2 bottles)

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About this selection...

Our first selection for this new year pursues a very simple objective, to give you absolute easy-drinking enjoyment.

The criteria we've followed in making this selection haven't been based this time on geographical location (the wines come from Trentino, Molise and Piemonte) nor are they centred on one variety (three reds, made from a typically Bordeaux blend, a coupage of Montepulciano and Aglianico and a single varietal Nebbiolo). Instead, what the three bottles have in common is their reasonable price, their elegance and balance, virtues which we all appreciate when it comes to wine.

Three delicious, perfumed, flavoursome and excellently-made wines. Elegant, but not overly pretentious, ideal to enjoy whenever you like and for appealing to every type of palate.

No need to worry about whether you uncork them straightaway or wait a few years before doing so, the pleasure they give you will be undiminished. When the time's right, fill up your glass and rediscover the delight of something simply made extremely well... such as a good wine, of course.

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Terre di San Leonardo 2012 (2 bottles)

Red. Tenuta San Leonardo Vigneti delle Dolomiti, Italy Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Carmenère

Bottle: £8.07 club members / £9.30 non-members

If there is one particular attribute that stands out in the Tenuta San Leonardo wines above any other, it is undoubtedly their elegance. An elegance that we find not only in the wines, but also on the estate, belonging to the Marquis Guerrieri Gonzaga and situated between the River Adige and the mountains.

The estate's 25 ha of vineyards, totally given over to organic agriculture since 2015, grow international varieties traditionally found in the Bordeaux area such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Carmenère. They are all present in San Leonardo, the firm's emblematic wine, and in its sibling Terre di San Leonardo.

Terre is a splendid wine that replicates the open and elegant coupage regularly encountered in Bordeaux. Made in the traditional way and by expert hands, the wine ferments in concrete tanks by means of native yeasts and afterwards 80% matures in large Slavonian oak barrels and the rest in other barrels. Meticulous care of the vineyard and its environment, along with just the right amount of oak, result in a wine that is captivating due to its cleanness, elegance and pleasant flavour.

On the nose aromas of blackberry and cherry stand out on a subtle and elegant spicy background. On the palate it appears perfectly balanced, with a freshness and some agreeable tannins that accentuate the sweetness of the fruit. Terre is a wine that's perfectly crafted, refined, yet easy and friendly too.

  • Alcohol content: 13,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Terre di San Leonardo 2012
Front and back

Di Majo Norante Ramitello 2011 (2 bottles)

Red. Di Majo Norante Biferno, Italy Montepulciano, Aglianico

Bottle: £7.20 club members / £8.18 non-members

Di Majo Norante, a winery in existence since the 19th Century, is today the most internationally renowned winery in Italy's Molise region. The company is run by Alessio di Majo, who counts upon the assistance of the world-famous winemaker Riccardo Cotarella in the production of some easy-going wines, modern but not excessively so, always pleasurable and excellent value for money. Made with indigenous varieties originating from the winery's 100 plus hectares of vineyards, wine production is firmly focused on quality rather than quantity, and on an approach that shows respect for the environment and the preservation of traditional wine-making techniques.

Ramitello is considered an entry wine, yet it offers all the cleanness and enjoyment that you might expect from a superior wine.

Obtained from the Montepulciano and Aglianico varieties, from the former it takes on its expressive richness and intensity, while from the latter it picks up a rather austere elegance. On the nose, it offers a bouquet which highlights the intensity of the black berries, dried plums, India ink, leather, spices, black olives and balsamic hints, all combining into a sensual and quite mysterious whole. On the palate, Ramitello lives up to expectations and exhibits a structure which ably balances its alcohol content and firm tannins. Its acidity and long fruity persistence make it a most inviting drink and one to enjoy at a leisurely pace... A wine with personality, full, well-balanced and simply delicious.


  • Alcohol content: 13,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Di Majo Norante Ramitello 2011
Front and back

Giuseppe Cortese Nebbiolo 2013 (2 bottles)

Red. Giuseppe Cortese Langhe, Italy Nebbiolo

Bottle: £9.78 club members / £11.11 non-members

Typicity is the word that best defines Giuseppe Cortese's Nebbiolo, and in fact all the wines he makes. Since the 1970s the winery has successfully conveyed one of the best expressions the Rabajà vineyard can offer, endowing the wines with the flavour and elegance inherent in this terroir.

The Giuseppe Cortese Nebbiolo is obtained from the younger vines (between 15 and 20 years old) grown in the Rabajà vineyard, which the winery also uses for producing its renowned Barbaresco. In the making of this fine-structured red, there is clear evidence of very high quality grapes, originating from one of the most esteemed parts of the Langhe region, that undergo an ageing period of 12 months in oak barrels of different sizes, from 17 to 25 hectolitres, using new and those aged up to 9 years old.

On the nose we can appreciate aromas of forest fruits and violets, enhanced by touches of rhubarb, liquorice and other milder spices. The fruit quality is first-rate and complemented by considerate usage of oak, which succeeds in establishing a bouquet that's easy, immediate, refined and delightful. Classic in flavour, it appears warm, tannic and persistent on the palate. We can recognise in this Nebbiolo from Giuseppe Cortese a wine of great intensity and delicacy, an excellent accomplishment that brings out the best from this magnificent terroir and its vineyards.

  • Alcohol content: 14,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 18ºC

Giuseppe Cortese Nebbiolo 2013
Front and back

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