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Collio wine with pinot blanc

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Schiopetto Collio Pinot Bianco 2017

£19.04 White wine, Collio (Italy) Schiopetto Pinot Blanc

91 Parker

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Russiz Superiore Col Disore 2015

£24.02 White wine, Collio (Italy) Russiz Superiore Pinot Blanc, Friulano, Sauvignon, Ribolla Gialla

93 Parker

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Russiz Superiore Pinot Bianco 2016

£15.32 White wine, Collio (Italy) Russiz Superiore Pinot Blanc

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Venica&Venica Collio Pinot Bianco Tàlis 2018

£17.22 White wine, Collio (Italy) Venica&Venica Pinot Blanc

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Villa Russiz Pinot Bianco 2017

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Collio (Italy) Villa Russiz Pinot Blanc

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