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Drink your Lugana young, very young, and you'll enjoy its freshness. Drink it in two or three years' time and you'll enjoy its completeness. Drink it in ten years and you'll be amazed at the seriousness it's managed to achieve. (Luigi Veronelli)

Lugana is the most notable of Lombardy's white wines and it's also one of Italy's most highly-acclaimed wines. Originating from a tiny area to the south of Lake Garda, lying among the gentle, legendary hills of chalk and clay surrounding Desenzano, Sirmione and, then in the Veneto, Peschiera. Here, the climate, lake and land offer vineyards and people too a breezy habitat and pleasant conditions.

The land where Catullus was born is also the ideal birthplace for an elegant Trebbiano, with personality and unquestionable quality: the Trebbiano di Lugana. A grape variety which can be enjoyed in fresh young wines, sometimes sparkling, but also in other more developed and even sweet wines.

The Lugana is a complex wine which appears a yellow colour with greenish and golden hues. On the nose it reveals floral scents and fruity notes which range from citrus to apple and peach. It often also conveys a lovely mineral undertone and always conserves an exceptional fineness and freshness which endow the wine with a long ageing potential.

  • Regions in which the wines produced come under the DOC Lugana: Lombardia, Veneto
  • Year when the denomination was created: 1990
  • Number of producers: 174
  • Area under vines: 1175.0 ha.

Regulatory Council

Parco Catullo 4
37019 Peschiera del Garda (VR)

Classification of vintage years

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