Pacherhof Kerner 2018

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White wine
Wine region:
Alto Adige (Italy)
Grape varieties:
0.75 L
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Pacherhof Kerner 2018
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An enchanting place, a symbol and treasure chest of the whole of South Tyrol, Pacherhof rises on the hills of Brixen, overlooking the Abbey of Novacella. A place rich in history, so much so that the oldest farm of the company is dated 1142 and today houses a hotel with restaurant. The winery is the kingdom of Andreas Huber, who makes wine around these parts with only white grapes, typical of the Isarco Valley. The vineyards are arranged around the farm and grow on sandy and gravelly soils rich in clay and minerals, at an altitude between 600 and 770 metres. Ideal amphitheatres for a heroic and quality viticulture, thanks to the strong temperature ranges from day to night that give the wines aromatic complexity, finesse and longevity.

Among the little more than one hundred thousand bottles per year that the farm produces, there is also Kerner. A product closely linked to Pacherhof, as it is to the family of Andreas Huber that, according to many, the introduction of this variety in the Isarco Valley is due. A precise, harmonious and elegant Kerner, of exceptional cleanliness and olfactory richness, which fully reflects the Pacherhof style. A semi-aromatic white grape variety, the Kerner was created in 1929 by August Herold, who crossed Schiava Grossa and Riesling and obtained a grape that recalls the minerality of the latter while offering the most pop and snappy sensations of an aromatic of greater body and with more definite fruity and floral notes.

From the ordered and grassy rows of Pacherhof, from this both rigid and sweet climate, comes a Kerner which is in all respects paradigmatic of the typology, as well as of the terroir. Of a delicate straw yellow colour, on the nose it expresses ample and complex sensations of aromatic herbs, wild flowers, broom, lime, kiwi and nutmeg. The splendid spicy and at the same time citrus progression lures you to drink it. The bouquet is persuasive and enveloping, but not tiring. A forthright and fresh wine, Pacherhof's Kerner excels in structure and above all in flavour, bringing with it a respectable aromatic persistence.

Optimum serving temperature:
Between 6ºC and 8ºC


Andreas Huber in cantina
* Andreas Huber in cantina

Alto Adige, Italy

An enchanting place, a symbol and treasure chest of the whole of South Tyrol, Pacherhof rises on the hills of Brixen, overlooking the Abbey of Novacella. A place rich in history, so much so that the oldest farm of the company is dated 1142 and today houses a hotel with...

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