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A historical family from the territory, dedicated to artistic silk from San Leucio. A very strong wine-making identity which has also been vigorously recovered. These are the ingredients of the adventure of the Alois, northern Campania, in the province of Caserta which is the homeland, in addition to classic mozzarella, of ancient vines waiting to be rediscovered. From the slopes of the Caiatini Mountains, in a Bourbon rural house, the Alois family has looked to the Pontelatone district, but also to the entire hilly volcanic territory of Matese and Roccamonfina, as an endless wine heritage.

The principle is simple: given the same quality standards of the great classics of Campania, from Fiano to Greco, from Falanghina to Aglianico, to enhance at the highest level the varietal Caserta natives. Pontelatone, the nerve centre of local wine, is the home of Casavecchia. A red vine with a mighty structure and a slightly rustic body, that the skilful use of oak exalts in a scratchy texture, of great but harmonious acidity. And the persistent Trebulanum, not surprisingly, is the great family wine.

If Alois is a revelation, the revelation of the revelation has been, in the most recent wine making of late, the Pallagrello. The white is a Mediterranean and very mineral Caiatì, inebriating with chalkiness and a spicy bouquet. It’s also magnificent on the palate, fresh and mellow, with a touch of wood that enriches the character. The red, Cunto, is the true champion. Vigorous and structured, soft, intriguing, after a year of barrique convinces both the austere taster - the lover of mineral and original rusticity of the native vine -, and the international wine lover, who is passionate about the maturity of refined wine.

Michele e Massimo Alois
Michele e Massimo Alois

Filari di Pallagrello Bianco
Filari di Pallagrello Bianco

Year founded:
Carmine Valentino
Yearly production (bottles):
Via Ragazzano
Audelino di Pontelatone (CE)
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Wines from Fattoria Alois

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Red Wine

+ Other amounts

Alois Aglianico Campole 2017

£10.15 Red wine, Campania (Italy) Fattoria Alois Aglianico

+ Other amounts

Alois Casavecchia Trebulanum 2012

90+ Parker 2 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

£20.04 Red wine, Terre del Volturno (Italy) Fattoria Alois Casavecchia

+ Other amounts

Alois Pallagrello Nero Cunto 2017

£16.11 Red wine, Terre del Volturno (Italy) Fattoria Alois Pallagrello Nero

+ Other amounts

Alois Settimo 2014

£10.06 Red wine, Terre del Volturno (Italy) Fattoria Alois Pallagrello Nero, Casavecchia

+ Other amounts

Alois Taurasi Donna Paolina 2012

OUT OF STOCK Red wine, Taurasi (Italy) Fattoria Alois Aglianico

White Wine

+ Other amounts

Alois Falanghina Caulino 2017

£8.95 White wine, Campania (Italy) Fattoria Alois Falanghina

+ Other amounts

Alois Greco di Tufo Donna Paolina 2016

£11.55 White wine, Greco di Tufo  (Italy) Fattoria Alois Greco

+ Other amounts

Alois Pallagrello Bianco Caiatì 2017

£11.85 White wine, Terre del Volturno (Italy) Fattoria Alois Pallagrello Bianco

+ Other amounts

Alois Fiano di Avellino Donna Paolina 2016

OUT OF STOCK White wine, Fiano di Avellino (Italy) Fattoria Alois Fiano

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